More about wikis

What is a wiki?

A wiki is an editable webpage. It is an online resource which allows users to add and edit content collectively.

Why a wiki?literacy1.jpg

A wiki is easily accessible, easy to use and allows for collaboration and co-construction.
It is an excellent tool to support and encourage the sharing of information and resources.
In time it can become a very valuable knowledge management tool.
The discussion feature, for example, is a great communication tool embedded and contextualised in each topic or wiki page.

How will we use the wiki?

Membership to this wiki enables everyone to contibute and build an online community of practice.
No only can it function as our online meeting place, it will also become a repository for the materials produced through the various projects.

How can you get involved?

Join the wiki now, and get involved:-) Post a question under the discussion tab, or add a link or a resource.

How do you contribute to the wiki?

You will see the headings in the left hand side pane of the site. Click on the page you want to contribute to.
Click on the EDIT this Page button.
Start typing in the section of the page you want to contrubute to, and click SAVE when finished

For detailed information

About wikis (and blogs), visit the social e-learning site at:

Some excerpts:

The strengths of wikis are the features that allow communication amongst co-authors and visitors to the site. The process of building content online is enhanced by sharing knowledge, reviewing, comments or discussion that contribute to shaping the content. The document space becomes a ‘social space’.

Basic wiki features

  • Wiki pages can be open to anyone – to write to, add pages and edit structure.
  • The content, or pages, are organised by menu topics.
  • Site tools help you track and manage the contributions of many authors.
  • Wikis include a discussion forum tool.
Which one?
There are over 100 wikis to choose from. Some are hosted such as this one, whilst others are free open source and can be loaded onto your own server.

Have a look at the wikimatrix for a complete list.

Wikis in ACE:

1. Coonara house: Wiki as website

2. Can you hear us: for an externally funded project meeting place and resource repository
3. Eportfilios at CCEG

4. Supporting e-learning in ACE private albe wiki - available to ACE orgs in Victoria
5. AccessACE:

Wikispaces: plans and pricing